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"Elevating Idle to Ideal Spaces"

At A Level Alliances LLC, our motto, "Elevating Idle to Ideal Spaces," encapsulates the transformative essence of our business. We specialize in turning unused or overlooked areas into optimized, high-functioning spaces. This transformation isn't just about physical changes; it's about enhancing the quality and functionality of spaces, especially in commercial real estate. By focusing on improvement and elevation, we breathe new life into idle spaces, creating ideal opportunities for growth and innovation. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every project not only meets but exceeds expectations, elevating spaces to their fullest potential.

A retail fusion space is a fantastic concept that reflects the modern trend towards creating more than just places to shop. It turns them into vibrant, interactive communities where people can eat, shop, relax, and be entertained, all in one inviting environment. It's all about enhancing the customer experience and meeting the evolving desires of today's consumers. This approach truly brings a space to life, transforming it from a mere location into a dynamic destination.

Urban Modern Interior Design

At A Glance

Established in Reno, Nevada, in October 2023, A Level Alliances LLC, a venture of the partners from Hong Kong-based Grand Source Investments, aims to replicate GSI's Smart Street & Retail Furniture success from Asian and European markets in the US, in collaboration with local partners. 

A + Local Retailing Band!

A Level Alliances distinguishes itself in the retail sector by integrating 5th Wall, The Local Loop, and Switch Media, thereby offering a novel approach that transcends conventional retail solutions. This business model merges physical space optimization, software solutions, and an advertising network to dynamically lead the retail industry, positioning A Level Alliances as retail innovators. 

Band on Stage

The Fusion Area of Wall Retail combines elements like Digital and Physical Signage, Interactive Floors, Digital Concave Panels, and Digital Ceilings. The Wall's Digital Signage is designed to support various functions including advertisements, virtual shelves, smart shelves, smart mirrors, self-order terminals, payment solutions, robotic assistants, chatbots, 3D LED displays, cameras, and retail analytics sensors. It's envisioned that the Physical Card can be adapted to showcase a diverse range of products from different brands.

Modern Interior Design


A retail fusion space is an innovative blend of shopping, socializing, and entertainment, designed to provide a seamless and immersive consumer experience. When people hear "retail fusion space," they should envision:


Versality A space that serves multiple purposes, from shopping to dining to leisure activities.


IntegrationDifferent retail and entertainment elements are combined to enhance the consumer experience.


Innovation Modern and creative use of space that goes beyond traditional retail.


Community A place that fosters social interactions and builds a sense of community among visitors.


ExperienceFocus on providing a memorable experience, not just products or services.

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Potential Alliances - B2B Partners

GSI – QUMBET, A Level Alliances LLC, the U.S. extension of Qumbet, is revolutionizing retail and urban spaces by integrating cutting-edge technology and digital solutions. Since its founding in Hong Kong in 2000, Qumbet has been a pioneer in improving urban environments, installing more than 10,000 technology-rich street elements around the world. The global successes we have created for governments, media, telecommunications and outdoor advertisers have been achieved together through solid alliances with local large corporate firms. 

These achievements have enabled us to become a global reputation, recognition and solution partner with corporate giants such as Relaince Group in India and Arçelik – Koç Group in Turkey in Europe. 

And now in Canada and the United States with our [Switch-The LocalLoop] Community Platform and [5th Wall - Digital Retail Solutions] products (Assembly House |  Installation | Maintenance), Real Estate Investment and Management (AVM | City Center Outlets | Residential and Commercial Complex | We offer a level of alliance opportunities to Major Retailers and Parking owners 

Competitive Advantage

Our differentiation in the industry stems from our unwavering commitment to innovation, our wealth of expertise, our vast networking capabilities, and our ability to offer products that are both aesthetically appealing and unique in design and usability. We are paving the way to build a one-of-a-kind digital signage network tailored for local grassroots businesses that can be overshadowed in the larger corporate arena. In addition, we provide avant-garde solutions to leading retail giants. At the heart of our strategy is our commitment to contribute to transformation processes by blending the various preferences and needs of our users with user-friendly technologies.

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