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The Power of 'Local': How A Retailing Band Can Transform Your Community

A + Local Reatiling Band - A Level Alliances

A Level Alliances distinguishes itself in the retail market with a multifaceted and integrated approach, combining 5th Wall, The Local Loop, and Switch Media into a comprehensive package. This holistic strategy positions us uniquely, going beyond conventional solutions like in-store kiosks or outdoor advertising. Our competitive edge is this integration, transforming us from mere participants to pioneers in retail. We offer a synergistic ecosystem with 5th Wall's innovative physical space utilization, The Local Loop's advanced software solutions, and Switch Media's advertising network. Our strategy also emphasizes staying ahead in the dynamic industry, ensuring we lead the retail space. This approach, akin to an A+ Local Retailing Band orchestra, harmonizes various retail elements, ensuring we not only compete but also lead in the evolving retail landscape.

Dear Partners and Investors,

Welcome to the transformative journey of A Level Alliances. Our venture transcends traditional market boundaries, marking a paradigm shift in the retail landscape as we expand from Asia to the Americas. For over two decades, our innovative approach has redefined retail spaces, moving beyond mere street furniture to become architects of commercial environments.

We're excited to introduce the 5th Wall in America, an evolution of our successful Asian and European label brand, Qumbet. This concept reshapes retail in both form and function, challenging conventional norms and creating multifunctional, engaging experiences.

Our latest initiative seeks to revolutionize underutilized spaces within retail chains and transform parking areas into comfortable zones, offering consumers the pleasure of our platform, The Local Loop, from the moment they park their vehicles.

A Level Alliances is not just another entity in the market; we are creators of a new market mold. We invite you to embrace our vision and join us in reimagining retail, understanding the opportunity value we bring, and exploring the potential of this unique investment.

Best Regards,

Memedi, N. Mehmet 

Founder Partner, A Level Alliances

Market Analysis Summary :The 5th Wall Concept in Retail

In assessing the potential market for A Level Alliances' innovative 5th Wall Compact Retailing and Neo Retail Matrix Spaces, a comprehensive analysis of the retail landscape in the U.S. revealssignificant opportunities. 

This analysis focuses on the expansive presence of major retail chains and the overall scale of the brick-and-mortar retail sector. The U.S. is home to a vast network of large retail chains including Walmart, Target, Costco, Kohl's, and more. An estimated total of approximately 50,000 to 60,000 stores are operated by these retail giants. 

This estimation considers the high store counts of Walmart (around 5,253 stores), Dollar General (17,348 stores as the largest retailer by store count), Dollar Tree (15,375 stores), and CVS (9,813 stores), along with substantial store counts from other significant chains like 7-Eleven, Walgreens, Alimentation Couche-Tard (Circle K), Verizon Wireless, AutoZone, and O'Reilly Auto Parts.


Broad Market Size: As of 2020, there are over 1 million (1,045,422) brick-and-mortar retail establishments in the U.S. The significant presence of major retailers like Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and CVS underscores the extensive potential for implementing 5th Wall and Neo Retail Matrix concepts across various retail locations. 

High Consumer Expenditure in Malls: Shopping centers and outlets account for a notable share of consumer retail spending. In early 2023, 12.9% of U.S. consumer spending on retail goods and services occurred in shopping centers, with retail and retail-adjacent services expenditure in malls reaching $818.7 billion in 2022. This data indicates a robust market potential for retail space innovations. 

The 5th Wall and Neo Retail Matrix concepts by A Level Alliances, designed to enhance customer experiences and optimize underutilized spaces in retail environments, align well with the current market dynamics. Given the extensive network of retail establishments and the significant consumer spending in malls and shopping centers, there exists a substantial opportunity to redefine retail spaces and create new value for consumers and businesses alike. 

Why is this  a tremendous Opportunity Value?

This magazine provides an opportunity valuation for A Level Alliances LLC's US business model and aims to effectively communicate its unique aspects and investment appeal to early investors. In a market where consumers spend nearly $1 trillion, the homogeneity of similarly styled stores that duplicate each other except for logos and brand colors underscores a significant need for innovation. In 10 steps, we show how this market's desire for innovation presents a tremendous opportunity for breakthrough concepts such as the 5th Wall and a significant value proposition for investors.

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